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There is no such thing as an easy choice when it comes to insurance, especially for pets. It’s important to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of every option, but Pets Best Insurance is one of the best places to start. It won’t be the right choice for absolutely every pet owner, but it can meet the needs of most.


There are a lot of different coverage options for people who choose Pets Best Insurance, but those options are limited by species. The vast majority of pet owners who have dogs and cats can get a variety of plans to meet their needs. People who own exotic pets, such as birds, must look elsewhere for their coverage. That restriction is the primary downside to choosing Pets Best, although it is one that is shares with the majority of pet insurance companies.

Pets Best will cover most medical problems that a cat or dog might encounter regardless of the plan that is chosen. However, pet owners do need to decide if they want to buy coverage for routine care, such as general examinations and some preventative treatments. That coverage is an addition that can be added to any other plan for a slight increase in price, which is generally worth paying for animals that are prone to minor problems. There are two different levels of coverage for routine care, so some customization is available.


The cost of a plan from Best Pets Insurance varies based on several different factors. The main factor is the degree of coverage in the plan, but the pet is also relevant. Pets Best looks at the animal’s age and breed when calculating the price of each plan, since those can provide information about the health risks that the animal faces. Location is also a factor, since animals that live in big cities face very different risks than those that live in rural areas. This four-pronged approach to pricing is very common in the pet insurance industry, and most companies use some form of it when pricing their plans.


Economic concerns are not the only factor when judging a company. The way that the business interacts with the community is also important, and that is one area where Pets Best easily gets five stars.

Most of the company’s community involvement comes from supporting charities. Naturally, all of those charities support animals, but they do it in different ways. Some work by raising money to fund research or to equip police dogs with armor, while others provide supplies directly to animals in need. Pets Best also supports a few contests that recognize veterinary workers that go above and beyond in their work.

The Final Tally

Pets Best insurance is a strong choice for people who own cats and dogs. The plans have enough variety that most people can find one that suits them, and the pricing is fairly representative of the industry. Consumers who want to support their community can be especially happy to pick Pets Best, since the company offers plenty of support for animal-related charities.