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Many pet owners do not even consider getting pet insurance, let alone do some basic research into what is the best pet insurance to get. If your dog or cat is young and healthy, you may not see a reason to have insurance on your pet at all. However, you never know when your special little family member is going to have an accident or get ill. Moreover, veterinary bills are almost as costly as human medical bills.

Pet insurance gives you some peace of mind and prepares and protects you against accidents and illnesses, the same as your medical insurance helps cover the costs of doctors and hospitals. Nevertheless, it is important to find out what level of pet insurance to take out on your pet and where to get the best pet insurance information.

Pet Insurance Coverage

Many pet insurance companies offer comprehensive type plans that include the fees for annual vet exams, coverage to have your pet spayed or neutered, discounts on prescriptions and coverage for hereditary illnesses and conditions.

All pets have some chronic conditions that you need to prepare for as they age; for example, hip displacement, arthritis, joint conditions or heart conditions. These conditions may not show up until later in age and they can be costly illnesses and conditions to treat, especially if they are chronic illnesses or conditions.

In addition, coverage should include office visits, emergency visits, blood and other testing, X-rays and prescription medications. Depending on your pet’s condition, some pet foods are only available by prescription also, and those can be rather expensive if you don’t have insurance coverage.

Some pet insurance providers have a short waiting period after you enroll before the coverage is in effect. Other providers have no waiting period.

When you start looking for insurance for your pet, the types of coverage they offer is essential.

Premiums and Deductibles for Pet Insurance

Just like with human insurance plans, if you opt for a higher deductible, your monthly premiums will be lower; a lower deductible will mean higher monthly premium payments. However, you need to know your pet and your veterinarian’s fees to see which option is the most beneficial to your needs.

Some providers may base your premiums and deductibles dependent on the breed and age of the animal. Some pets may have breed-specific conditions that are costly to treat so it’s best to know what conditions your animal may incur before looking into the best insurance provider for your pet.

What is the Best Pet Insurance?

The best providers will enable you to use your insurance at any veterinary clinic, will have short, if any, waiting periods, are familiar with your type of pet and its conditions, has comprehensive coverage and customizable deductible and premium options. has comprised a list of the most popular and best pet insurance providers to help get you started. They also include links to each of the providers’ websites so you can learn more about them:

Your pet is a big part of your family, but it does not need to be a big expense. Getting the best pet insurance coverage will give you peace of mind that your pet can live a long and healthy life when you can afford any treatment it needs.