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There are varieties of pet insurance offered for your cuddly feline and choosing the best one for your pet is an important decision. Each cat insurance will be different and many cover a range of services such as: medications, accidents, injuries & illnesses and congenital conditions. It is crucial that you review the plan you are choosing and the benefits it offers before committing to a monthly rate that doesn’t include the required benefits you will need for your cat.

The cat pet insurances will differ by price, and it is important to factor your monthly pet insurance cost into your regular living expenses. One of the highest rated cat pet insurances is, Healthy Paws. This Healthy Paw insurance plan covers Cats & Kittens, an cover up to 90% of veterinary bill for any illness or accidents your cat may have endured. This coverage also includes congenital and hereditary conditions. At a monthly rate of $12.29, Healthy Paw has been reviewed as a quality, affordable and beneficial cat pet insurance.

A highly rated cat pet insurance is the, ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) ‘Choice’ cat insurance plan. This plan covers illness and accidents to 80% with a $100 deductible. The “Choice” cat insurance includes neutering and spaying, preventive health care visits, rabies vaccination, free lost cat recovery tag and an annual physical exam with dental cleaning. This plan is popular at a $47.31 monthly rate and offers the benefits that will allow cat owners to thoroughly care for their feline.

When factoring in the best cat insurance for your cat you must also consider your cats age. ASPCA also offers the ‘Best’ plan that includes all the benefits of the ‘Choice’ cat insurance plan, but also includes coverage for certain long term conditions that may have developed in the previous year and policy.

Narrowing down the best cat insurance is not a simple task, as pet owners will be faced with an array of cat insurance options. Another top rated cat pet insurance is called, Pet Health. This insurance has a $200 deductible and covers 100% of approved claims. This particular cat insurance plan only covers ‘Indoor Cats”, so please keep this in mind if your cat is an outdoor cat because it may void certain cat insurance benefits and coverage. At a monthly rate of $9.95, Pet Health is an affordable and well covered plan for the monthly cost.

Pet Health also offers more coverage called the, ‘Preferred’ cat insurance plan, that offers a $100 deductible and pay 70% of approved claims. While some cat insurance companies only cover health, the ‘Preferred’ plan also includes Kennel Fees to $250, Lost Pet coverage of up to $150,and even worst cast euthanasia up to $100. The ‘Preferred’ Pet Health plan has a $21.95 monthly rate and the plan benefits surely match the monthly price point. When searching for the best cat insurance, its important to factor in your cats food consumption and daily living conditions.